Our financial

To fulfil our ambitions, we must improve our financial strength and flexibility. Our aim is to reach a position where our operations break even. We will move forward by focusing on the following areas.

Supporting our Students

  • We are prioritising donations which will help us to attract and support outstanding students from diverse backgrounds to come to Cambridge irrespective of any financial constraints. We want to ensure that our students thrive and benefit from the richness of College life and.we thank any donors who are willing to support our students to realise their potential.

Increasing our endowment

  • Endowment refers to the College permanent capital on which we earn income. Growing our endowment will increase our financial resilience and the income available for education and student support.
  • This growth will come from the addition of new funds from donations and legacies, as well as by working to maximise investment returns.

Exercising prudent financial management

  • As a long-term institution, our financial management  balances the needs of current and future generations of St Catharine’s students
  • We aim to reduce the structural deficit, achieve neutral operating cashflows and maintain free reserves sufficient to continue operations when exposed to exceptional or adverse financial circumstances .

Developing complementary revenue streams

  • We aim to re-build our conference business  which has been interrupted by the pandemic and recent building works
  • This will enable us to cover the overhead costs of providing College infrastructure thereby reducing the structural deficit

If you would like to know more about College finances, please contact the Bursar, Ms Nicola Robert, via ea.ops.bursar@caths.cam.ac.uk.