Fostering student wellbeing

Academic and extra-curricular achievement at St Catharine’s is determined as much by a student’s wellbeing as it is by their talents and work ethic. Only when our students feel healthy and content are they able to perform to the best of their abilities.

The professional expertise of our Health and Wellbeing Team allows us to deliver high-quality care for the physical and mental health of our students. We want to ensure that health and wellbeing runs through every part of College life to provide a supportive environment for the whole College community.

“As we enter the exciting phase of coming back together as a community after the pandemic, it has never been clearer how crucial it is to provide rapid and meaningful support for those in our community who need it most. Every day the Health and Wellbeing Team see the positive impact of the funds raised to support student wellbeing.” Mary Simuyandi, Head of Wellbeing

Campaign Target

The extensive health and wellbeing support at St Catharine’s is made possible by generous Members and friends. Now is the time to build on the progress that our new Wellbeing team have made and to continue strengthening the provisions for students, staff and Fellows and St. Catharine’s.

Further Information

Health and Wellbeing at St. Catharine’s