Supporting increased accommodation and social space at St Chad’s

When Members look back on their time at St Catharine’s, their rooms provide the backdrop to some of their fondest memories.

“Members know that our buildings play an important role in creating an atmosphere conducive to learning and fostering a strong sense of community. Our plans will ensure that our facilities provide these benefits for many years to come.”

Dr Peter Wothers, President

College is home from home. Here, friendships are formed that last a lifetime. Students live together, learn together and support each other. Our Members recognise the value of this special sense of community. We do not have enough rooms and communal spaces for all our students. It is a strategic aim to house all our students in College owned property, and the new development at St. Chad’s is an important part of this strategy.

Campaign Target

We are delighted that building work has commenced at the St. Chad’s site. Our focus is now on raising funds for the much loved Hobsons building.


For more information about how you can transform a core building in College please visit our Hobsons’s page.