Supporting increased accommodation and social space at St Chad’s

When Members look back on their time at St Catharine’s, their rooms provide the backdrop to some of their fondest memories.

“Members know that our buildings play an important role in creating an atmosphere conducive to learning and fostering a strong sense of community. Our plans will ensure that our facilities provide these benefits for many years to come.”


Many alumni have fond memories of their time at Chad’s, as it is an opportunity to live semi independently in friendship groups, whilst still maintaining close association with their year group and with Main College.

We must ensure all students, both undergraduate and postgraduate, have access to facilities that create a healthy living, learning and working environment, and it is our goal to do so in buildings entirely owned by St Catharine’s, reducing the need for the College to rent on the open market. We are also committed to increasing affordability and accessibility by improving the range of accommodation available in our buildings and halls.

April 2020 Planning permission secured. Highlights include:

  • Two new houses, providing 23 student rooms, including 2 new accessible rooms.
  • Versatile communal areas will be built in Old House.
  • Landscaped gardens will provide a pleasant living environment.

The design incorporates priorities identified in consultation with current students and the JCR committee:
• Communal spaces for studying and socialising
• Reassessment of the current computer room which is underutilised and could be put to better use
• Printing facilities incorporated into study spaces
• Importance of environmentally friendly solutions.

Campaign Target

To seek support for this £6 million project. Read more about the St Chad’s building project.

In addition, there are opportunities to name either your old room at St Chad’s (£10,000) or one of the new rooms (£25,000). You can do this individually or with your friends. You may also choose to name a room in memory of a relative or friend. Please contact the Alumni and Development Office to discuss such a gift.