Supporting key areas of College life

The history of St Catharine’s has been built on more than its site and the academic achievements of those who have passed through it.

Our College has been shaped by the contributions of key people in posts that shape its character and ethos. The Library is a central resource for the whole College community, providing a place to work in peace and comfort as well as an exceptional collection of books and archives. The library team strives to provide an outstanding service for all students, staff and Fellows to enhance their time at Cambridge.

“Libraries are crucibles of change, workshops for new knowledge. Filling them with collections of books both utilitarian and remarkable – is the easy, and in many ways the most unimportant, part of librarianship. What matters, and what has always mattered, is a concern for the teaching, learning and practical needs of our College community. The fresher reading for her first supervision, the finalist needing his thesis bound, the Fellow looking for holiday reading, the staff member using her lunchbreak to work towards a professional qualification – they all need the support from the Librarian.” Dr Colin Higgins, Fellow and Librarian (2018)

Campaign Target

With your support we hope to raise £1.4 million to endow the post of Librarian in perpetuity. The Librarian Fellowship post is a key post which helps shape the College environment and enrich the lives of the whole St Catharine’s Community.

For Further INformation

Please read our case for support for endowing the Librarian post