Your impact: Jemima Lawson

Jemima Lawson was one of more than 50 students to receive a sports bursary in 2018-19.

“Being part of the Cambridge University sailing team has truly shaped my University experience. I have not only made long-lasting friendships, but have also had the opportunity to compete for Cambridge internationally, for example in the United States and Italy. I would not have been able to grasp such amazing opportunities if it weren’t for the generosity of alumni from whom I have received grants.

“Aside from sailing, I have learned to row at St Catharine’s, and have continued to be a part of SCCBC for the three years I have been here. I was fortunate to row the 2019 May Bumps in a brand new boat donated to the women’s side of the boat club by an alumnus.

“I believe participation in sport, whether at college or university level, can play an important role in one’s university experience. It is fantastic that St Catharine’s offers the chance to try such a wide variety of sports and is able to support those who wish to pursue them.”