Your impact: Sherlock undergraduate bursaries

Caius Lee, 2018

“Going to university from a low-income background can be daunting financially, especially in expensive cities such as Cambridge. As a young person pursuing a music career, Cambridge is one of the finest universities I could attend: the perfect combination of an academic music degree with the resources and opportunities available to develop practical musicianship at conservatoire level. This award has enabled me to attend concerts and masterclasses by professional and student-led ensembles. I have never attended more concerts in my life, and this award has proved invaluable in purchasing tickets to experience the vibrant, musical city of Cambridge.

“The Sherlock bursary helped fund my participation in College sports, allowing me to make friends and develop my sports skills. The cost previously put me off joining the College’s football club, but this bursary enabled me to join and I am now captain of the second team. I have lived the ups and downs of a football season, and have loved the chance to share the team camaraderie again.

“I am so grateful for this award, which has allowed me to become fully involved in many aspects of Cambridge life, contributing both at the College and University levels.”