The Pilkington Prize continues to shine a spotlight on teaching excellence at St Catharine’s


Dr David Bainbridge (2003) has been awarded a Pilkington Prize for his contributions to teaching excellence by the University of Cambridge’s Centre for Teaching & Learning. As a result, teaching by St Catharine’s Fellows has now been recognised by this prestigious University-wide prize across three consecutive years.

Dr Holly Canuto (2020), Senior Tutor at St Catharine’s, commented, “The Pilkington Prizes shine a welcome spotlight on our Fellows’ many contributions and reminds us that teaching is central to the continued success of our remarkable academic community. I’m sure students, alumni, staff and Fellows alike will want to join me in congratulating Dr Bainbridge on his well-deserved Pilkington Prize and to share in our pride that the Fellowship of St Catharine’s has received a Pilkington Prize three years in a row.”

While Dr Bainbridge is actively involved at St Catharine’s as a Tutor, Director of Studies in Veterinary Medicine, Admissions Tutor (Sciences) and Disabilities Tutor, the Pilkington Prize is primarily for his contributions to teaching excellence across the University as Clinical Veterinary Anatomist.

As Dr Bainbridge explained, “Having been active in many aspects of teaching in the University for a number of years, my goal has been to provide an enjoyable and engaging learning experience. I am delighted that my contributions have been recognised in this way, and believe the College’s track record in this prize is a clear indication of its impressive long-term focus on student academic support.”

The Pilkington Prizes are awarded annually to members of academic staff across the University based on nominations received by Heads of School for their constituent Faculties or Departments. The awards were initiated by Sir Alastair Pilkington, who believed that the quality of teaching was a crucial part of the University’s ability to continue to attract undergraduates of the highest calibre and took it upon himself to see that this was recognised. The first Pilkington Prizes were awarded in 1994, largely as a result of the efforts of Sir Alastair and supported by a personal donation of £50,000.

The winners from St Catharine’s are listed below in ascending order of the year they won a Pilkington Prize (with their years of accession to the College’s Fellowship):