Donating from the UK and Europe

Donating from the UK

Residents of the United Kingdom can support St Catharine’s in the following ways:

Donate shares or property – please contact the Alumni and Development Office via or +44 (0)1223 338337

You can find our more about Tax Efficient Giving by reading our guide

Gift Aid: St Catharine’s College is a registered charity (no 1137463). Eligible donations from UK taxpayers are worth an additional 25% to the College. Tax relief is also available to higher and additional-rate taxpayers. For example, the net cost of a donation of £1,000 (worth £1,250 to the College) is £750 for a higher-rate taxpayer. For more information, visit

Employer matched giving: Many companies match the charitable giving of their employees. Please speak to your HR/payroll department to find out if your employer can match your donation.

Donating from Europe

Residents of many European countries can donate tax-efficiently to St Catharine’s through the College’s participation in Transnational Giving Europe. Please contact the Alumni and Development Office for more information: or +44 (0)1223 338337.