College finances

Our students

Our mission is to advance education, learning and research enabling our students to achieve brilliance without barriers. The College spends on education, pastoral support and extra-curricular activities twice the amount which we receive from students in tuition fees and academic charges. As a result, St Catharine’s subsidises each student by an average of £4,500 per annum.

We are committed to enabling students to enjoy all the benefits of a Cambridge education, regardless of their personal financial circumstances. St Catharine’s undergraduates receive more than £400,000 from the Cambridge Bursary Scheme each year.  In 2021-22 scholarships totaling £760,000 were made to 39 postgraduate students for fees and living costs.  Further support was provided to both undergraduates and postgraduates for costs associated with financial hardship, travel, sport, accommodation, computer equipment and music.

A gift from you ensures we can offer an outstanding environment for all our students to thrive.

The importance of your donation

Donations and legacies are vital to the welfare of our students and continued success of the College as a whole. Without the philanthropic support of our community, the opportunities presently available to students could not continue. Investment in new facilities, programmes and services would be almost impossible.

Our strategic plan contains actions across keys areas of financial priorities that will strengthen our long-term financial position. In turn, this will increase support for our students and Fellows.