Outreach at St Catharine’s

St Catharine’s is proud to attract the brightest minds from diverse backgrounds regardless of financial or other barriers. The College is committed to widening participation in higher education, supporting candidates who might not otherwise apply to the College and encouraging young people to pursue their ambitions.


St Catharine’s is committed to delivering a varied programme of activities that help the College attract the most talent students, regardless of background. The team host virtual and in person school visits, open days, subject taster days and workshops; provide a wide variety of digital and printed resources; support secondary school teachers and students with the admissions process and take part in a number of partnership programmes linking St Catharine’s with different UK regions.


In October 2021, we welcomed 267 new students (131 PG, 136 UG) from state and independent schools alike, after a record number of applications from prospective undergraduate students. 76.9% of our 2021-2022 UK undergraduate students are from state schools, surpassing the University of Cambridge’s target of 69.1% by 2024-25. These outstanding achievements are due to our Members’ firmly-held commitment to and support of widening participation.

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“St Catharine’s support for outreach activities is so important because a lot of applicants might be deterred from applying because of their circumstances”

Ali Jassam (2020, Mathematics)


Updated on 2022 undergraduate admissions
St Catharine’s is on track to meet or even exceed our Outreach objectives for the next academic year (2022-23).

Widening participation in partnership with others
The College organises a programme of sustained engagement as part of our support for the University of Cambridge’s Access and Participation Plan, which targets specific regions or under-represented groups in order to raise aspirations and widen participation in higher education.
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