Brilliance without barriers

St Catharine’s prides itself on its ability to attract bright minds, and in the last four years applications to study at undergraduate level have risen steeply. Our recruitment achievements reached new heights in October 2017, when we received the highest number of applications relative to student places amongst all Cambridge colleges. College applications in 2018 and 2019 continue to remain broadly at these levels.

We started this campaign with a primary focus on raising bursary funds for student support to remove any concerns students might have of fully particpating in the Cambridge experience by providing financial support. Our success in attracting applications means we must be prepared to help students of all educational and social backgrounds as they seek to fulfil their potential while here. We are committed to promoting access and diversity, so that the College is representative of the society it serves. We share the University’s commitment to ensuring that financial barriers should not be a deterrent for those applying to Cambridge.

We now want to build on the extensive work of our Schools Liaison Officer to encourage applications from any student who has the potential to thrive at one of the world’s best universities.

Please browse the Outreach section of the College website to view some of our work, and you can read our annual reports on the impact of the Schools Liaison Officer online.

Campaign Target

Having raised the funds needed for postgraduate and undergraduate bursaries, our focus now is to raise £1.5m to endow in perpetuity the post and work of the Schools Liaison Officer.