St Catharine’s Student Support Fund

St Catharine’s is committed to ensuring we attract and support outstanding students to come to Cambridge, irrespective of any financial constraints.

The adequate provision of undergraduate and postgraduate support is essential to the College attracting the brightest and most inventive minds from all backgrounds.
With your support the College will continue to offer financial backing that is both essential and reassuring to students in the greatest need. We hope that you will help us to move beyond barriers and into brilliance by supporting our students with a gift.

Early in our campaign, we were able to meet our target for PhD studentships thanks to the tremendous gift from the David and Claudia Harding Foundation. Their gift fully funds five PhD studentships each year on the Harding Distinguished Scholars Programme, and the College has now welcomed its second cohort of 5 students.

Campaign Target

We are asking for your help to give to the St. Catharine’s Student Support Fund, so that our College can continue to be a welcoming home for all. St. Catharine’s gratefully welcomes gifts of all sizes to this important campaign.

Further INformation

For further information please read the case for support