Our values

As a constituent college of the University of Cambridge, St Catharine’s is committed to academic excellence, intellectual curiosity and freedom of thought.

The College seeks to recruit and support the students with the greatest academic potential. Our admissions process is designed to identify candidates who we think will perform best academically in the future, whatever their background. We invest in an infrastructure of teachers, academic mentors, pastoral support and academic facilities to an exceptional standard.

St Catharine’s is committed to providing its undergraduate and graduate communities with ample opportunities to extend their time at the College beyond academic learning. We offer a huge range of extracurricular activities to encourage a healthy work-life balance.

The College is a charity and has a duty to maintain and enhance its endowment and benefactions, historic buildings and grounds for the benefit of future generations. We are committed to a policy of socially responsible investment, and are dedicated to ensuring that we operate in an environmentally responsible way.

St Catharine’s maintains a friendly, open and welcoming environment. We regard the wellbeing of our community as fundamental to the smooth running of the College. We offer a high standard of support to students, Fellows and staff, and encourage an atmosphere of courtesy, mutual respect and tolerance.

St Catharine’s prides itself on creating a life-long association of friendship and support with all its Members and values meeting alumni at events. Our College welcomes the support of Members in all areas – be it their time volunteering, the sharing of their skills; the networking with and support of students starting out on their careers; and their charitable donations, to enable the College to sustain and strengthen its offer.