College finances

Our students

St Catharine’s is a registered charity. Our mission is to advance education, learning and research to a level recognised internationally as being of the highest standard. We are also committed to ensuring that all of this is affordable to our students. We spend on education twice what we receive from students in tuition fees and academic charges. As a result, we face an average annual shortfall of £6,500 per student. Revenue received from our students in respect of their accommodation does not offset this shortfall.

Our endowment and conference income

Our endowment – that is, our financial and property investments – was valued at £113 million in June 2019. The endowment is an important source of income but it is a permanent source of income. We must balance the needs of today with those of future generations. Our size of endowment ranks in the middle of the 31 Cambridge colleges.

Conference trade is another important source of income. Our strategic plan calls for substantial growth in both commercial revenue and our endowment. At present, income from both does not cover the shortfall described above.

The importance of your donation

Donations and legacies are vital to the welfare of our students and continued success of the College as a whole. Without the philanthropic support of our community, the opportunities presently available to students could not continue. Investment in new facilities, programmes and services would be almost impossible.

Our strategic plan contains actions across three keys areas of financial priorities that will strengthen our long-term financial position. In turn, this will increase support for our students and Fellows.